Savoca Coins was founded in June 2013 by the siblings Claudia and Matteo Savoca in the heart of Munich.
In the beginning, just the two of us, we started with a mission in our hearts: to make the joy of collecting ancient coins accessible to everyone. We did not want to intimidate with elitist coins and inflated prices. We wanted to be close to those, who are captivated by a good story of small bronzes as well as the prestigious gold coins. For all discoverers and treasure hunters out there, for professional and hobby historians, for bargain hunters and rarity lovers – for you, the collector simply.
We started back then with a small eBay shop, packed with variety and starting prices of one Euro. Word quickly got around that you could get a bargain here and there, and so our popularity grew steadily.

Over time, we established various auction models on biddr: Blue, silver and black auctions.

Each colour has different characteristics and should be adapted to the different preferences and budgets of our customers.
Our monthly changing auctions are not only created with great attention to detail, but we as a company strive to give our customers added value in every area: through innovation, flexibility and speed.
We, the team of Savoca Coins, consisting of four numismatists, two communication professionals, one counterfeiting expert and of course our shipping assistants and photographers, all have one common goal; to continue to be a trustworthy, reliable and professional partner for you as a customer.


Matteo Savoca

Director and Numismatist

Claudia Savoca

Director and Communication


Julia Rief

Management Assistent and Communication 


Feelgood Manager