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Cistophoric tetradrachm AR

26 mm., 11,98 g.

M • ANTONIVS • IMP COS DESIG • ITER ET • TERT, head of Marc Antony to right, wearing ivy wreath, below, lituus, all within wreath of ivy and flowers / III • VIR • R • P • C •, draped bust of Octavia to right above cista mystica, flanked by interlaced serpents with heads erect.

very fine

BMC 133; Cohen 2; CRI 262; RPC I 2201.

Aureus AV

19 mm., 7,15 g.

NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / VESTA, statue of Vesta within domed hexastyle temple, holding patera and long sceptre.

nearly very fine

Calicó 448; RIC 61; BMCRE 101.

Hemidrachm AR

17 mm., 2,39 g.

Laureate head of Zeus right / Achaian league monogram; monogram above and below; piloi of the Dioscuri across field; all within wreath.

nearly extremely fine

Benner 12; BCD Peloponnesos 865.2; HGC 5, 643.

Denarius AR

19 mm., 3,87 g.

Head of Medusa facing with dishevelled hair, beneath, L • PLAVTIVS / Victory (or winged Aurora) flying right, head turned slightly to the left, holding reins and conducting the four rearing horses of the Sun, beneath, [PLANCVS].

nearly extremely fine

Babelon Plautia 14; Sydenham 959b; Sear Imperators 29a; RBW 1586; Crawford 453/1c.

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Leo I AD 457-474. Struck AD 462 or 466. Constantinople. 3rd officina

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