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★ Excessively Rare Louvar Hekte ★

Hekte EL

11 mm, 2,67 g

Louvar swimming left; below, tunny swimming left / Quadripartite incuse square.

Well centred, Good Very Fine

Hurter & Liewald III p. 14, 3; CNG 99, lot 170; CNG E-387, lot 122; otherwise unpublished.

Excessively Rare.

Tetradrachm AR

24 mm, 15,07 g

ΣΩΤΕΙΡΑ, head of Kore Soteira to left, wearing wreath of grain ears, pendant earring, simple necklace and sphendone covered by a veil / KY-[ZI], head of a lion to left, with open jaws and protruding tongue; below, tunny fish to left; behind, star.

Good Very Fine

BMC 127; Pixodarus Type 2, Group E, 22-5; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG Paris -; SNG von Aulock -.

★ Of the highest rarity! ★

Trite – Third Stater EL

13 mm, 4,69 g

Forepart of a ram to right, on a raised oval shield-like surface / Two incuse squares with irregular surfaces

Good Very Fine

★ Extremely Rare Hexagram of Theodosius III of Adramytium ★

Hexagram AR

20 mm, 2,96 g

d Ч thЄOdO-SIЧS MЧL A, bust of Theodosius III facing, wearing crown with cross on circlet and lozenge pattern loros, globus cruciger in right hand, akakia in left / VICTORIA-AVΣЧ Є, cross potent with base on three steps; CONOB below.

Nearly Extremely Fine

Sear 1491.

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