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Tetradrachm AR

24 mm, 17,18 g

Helmeted head of Athena right, with frontal eye / AΘE, owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig and crescent to left; all within incuse square.

nearly extremely fine

Starr Group IV; HGC 4, 1595.

Hemidrachm AR

14 mm, 1,45 g

Laureate head of Apollo right / K-P, lyre; palm branch to left; star to right.

extremely fine

SNG von Aulock 4303 var.

M. Antonius Zeno, legatus Augusti pro praetore provinciae Thraciae
Bronze Æ

33 mm, 19,15 g

ΘEA ΦAVCTEINA, veiled bust right, hair coiled on top of head / EΠI ANT•ZHNΩNOC ΠP•CEB•ANT•ΠEPINΘIΩN, Aphrodite standing right, holding sceptre and apple.

very fine

cf. RPC IV.1, 8656 (temporary).

Solidus AV

19 mm, 4,50 g

IҺS CRISTOS R[EX REGNANTIЧM], bust of Christ facing with cross behind head, holding book of Gospels in his left hand and raising his right in benediction / [D IЧSTINI]-AN-ЧS SERЧ CҺRISTI B, Justinian II, crowned, bearded and wearing loros, standing facing, holding cross potent on three steps with his right hand and akakia in his left., [CONO-B] below.

good very fine

Sear 1248.

From the Tareq Hani collection

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